Testimonial " Without A Father " The Movie -  Changing/Impacting  Lives

Hi, my name is Ashley Rennie and I have a 9 year old son, Jackson. We were at Mardel yesterday and I saw the movie Without a Father and immediately was drawn to it. My ex-husband and son's father went to prison with a "life sentence" when our boy was 6 months old. There were some similar parallels in your movie, I cried so much, which is hard for me to do. It was an incredible movie! I have been working on my story, of a single mom trying to make it and how my little boy deals with having a dad incarcerated in prison. The whole story is just too much to believe for people who do not know us.


It was a high profile crime, at the time, and it has been an incredible journey since. My son and I are involved in a wonderful church, Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, TX. We belong to a Single Family Group there and it has made all the difference in the world for my son and I. We have gone through so much healing over the years, but it will always be a struggle for my son not having a dad. I do take him a couple times per year to see him. Jackson really understood the movie and afterwards I found him in his room kneeling by the bed praying with his Bible in hand.

Ashley Rennie

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