Goals :

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A). To operate as a Charitable and Religious Educative Christian Movie

       Production Ministry


B). To glorify the Lord, our God, that He may receive all praise for every

       accomplishment achieved by Gordon Pictures.


C). To become leaders in the production of quality movies that matter for

      both time and eternity.


D). To reinvest finances back into the Kingdom of God, so that Kingdom work

       will be abundantly supported.


" To reach billions of souls worldwide with the gospel of Christ, through high quality production

   of Christian movies; assisting in the motivation of lives being rededicated back to God. "

This Organization will fulfill its mission and objectives through utilizing script writers, film editors, movie directors and producers, actors, props, music, movie cameras, lighting, and whatever and whoever is required to produce positive, high quality family-enriched, movies. Only movies of this genre will be produced (Christian/gospel movies). These movies will be shown locally, nationally and internationally.


Film making will begin in San Antonio, Texas and vicinity, and as the Organization grows, may also be performed in other cities and/or states.


For finances, Gordon Pictures will seek monetary contributions/donations from supporters, foundations, and the general public, and shall offer FREE CD's and schedule FREE "movie showings". Various types of fundraising strategies will be sought, to fulfill the Organization's responsibility to help in supporting itself.

The Organization will also consist of smaller "team ministries". The Team ministries will be as follows

(Gordon Pictures reserves the right to change the Team Ministry program, as needed) :


* Script Writing Team Ministry

(Screen-writing: writing and/or editing the scripts for actual movie performance)


* Camera & Ligh Operating Team Ministry

     (Operate camera and lights for optimal effect)


* Dress Make-up & Apparel Team Ministry 

(Assisting in dressing and making up actors/actresses for their performance)


* Word of Mouth & E-mailing Team Ministry

(Spreading the word, about Gordon Pictures)


* Food and Drink Team Ministry

(On acting set, bringing food/drink to actors, producer, and whomever is working on the set)


* Helping Hands Team Ministry

   (On acting set, helping out whatever necessary)


* Street Promotions Team Ministry

(Passing out hand-outs, flyers, brochures, or whatever literature is available for distribution to the public)

Team Ministries will begin in San Antonio, Texas and vicinity, and as the Organization grows, may also be held in other cities and/or states.


Gordon Pictures is seeking individuals who desire to participate on a volunteer basis, to support activities;


Gordon Pictures also seeks individuals who believe they have an anointed movie concept that will impact lives.


The Founder currently spends approximately 60% of his time coordinating business (IRS, etc., setting up of volunteer film makers, volunteer instructors, Team Ministries, planning of organizational activities, etc.