GP Hooper's Testimonies 


" Coach McDonald is a gifted trainer who inspires his players to excel both on and off the court. I consider it a true blessing to have my son be a part of his program.


My son is 12 years old and has played recreational basketball for a number of years through YMCA, Upward, and school programs. This past season, he developed a love for the game and asked to play basketball year-round.  While he has a “heart” for the game, his basketball skills were not at the level where he could compete with kids who had been playing higher-level, year-round programs. Fortunately for us, we got connected to GP Hoopers.



Looking back, I cannot believe that my son has only been training with Coach McDonald for 2 months. He has developed more basketball skills in that amount of time than all the other times he spent on basketball teams, combined. His shooting form, defensive positioning, ball-handling, and confidence on the court have all improved dramatically. GP Hoopers is a fundamental basketball development program; it is not just a league team. Coach McDonald is personally invested in developing each player to be the very best that he/she can be. He is not merely about wins and personal glory; he is about training his players to excel in basketball. This may seem a subtle distinction, but I assure you the difference means everything.  



If GP Hoopers was only about basketball training, it would be an excellent program. What makes it truly special, however, is the attention to personal development off the court as well. My son is learning solid basketball fundamentals, but he is also learning the value of team, service, discipline, respect, and really hard work. Coach McDonald is training the GP Hoopers in what it really means to be a part of a team. I have heard him tell his players, “If you are on the bench, you are still in the game.” Every player is a part of the team and performs to the best of his/her ability. He is also training his players to serve others with excellence. Each month, the team members go into the community and bless others with acts of service. Coach McDonald has also taught his players the importance of respect: respect for the coach, respect for their teammates, respect for their opponents, respect for the officials, and respect for themselves. I have had parents of opposing team members comment to me that they were impressed by the respect that our children exhibited. Finally, Coach McDonald is teaching these children the value of discipline and hard work. His training sessions can be grueling; he pushes his players past what they thought they were capable of. They have to have discipline and conditioning to get through. But these players can see how hard work pays off, even in a relatively short amount of time.  



There is more that I could say about Coach McDonald. He is inspiring. He sees potential in all his players and knows how to draw it out. He is able to get the very best out of his kids, regardless of their natural-born talent. What I would most like to say, however, is that he has been a blessing in our lives and we feel very fortunate to be a part of this special team. "




Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kotula