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                          How do I become a member of

                                     Gordon Pictures?


Becomeing a member of Gordon Pictures is rewarding and has GREAT membership benifits. 


The membership process is simple :

First, complete membership form. Second, select a ministry of which you may desire. Third,  





                            What will I learn in joining?                                   


 In the 10 classes, we cover the foundational tenets of the Christian faith and second you will get an in-depth look inside Christ Church.The classes are currently delivered in two intensive sessions on Saturdays.



                      Am I obligated to become a member?  


No, you are not obligated to become a member. Once you complete the Joining Our Church  Family course, if you feel that Christ Church is not the church for you, please contact

    the church office at 973-783-1010 ext. 211 and communicate this to Shamika McDonald,  the Director of the Church Life department.






    Gordon Pictures has so many members, can the leaders

                                     give personal care?  


 We are very intentional about programs and ministries that make our large congregation targeted to individual needs. In fact, the reason Christ Church has grown, is because of our sensitivity to Pastoral Care and Small




      What are the advantages of joining a small group? 


We have established Small Groups to help you connect with other members  and to provide a vehicle for introducing friends and family to  Jesus Christ in a warm and embracing environment.