Join Our Christian Movie Ministry TEAM

Champion of Faith Partnership

Gordon Pictures has many areas of volunteer opportunities  for you to support. From on production set helpers, craft services, production help, ministry office support, prayer partners, gas supporters, movie night greeters, to whatever gift God has given you to support this movie ministry.
We would be truly thankful for your support in any area. Please click the button below if interested in volunteering with The GP Movie Ministry.Team. 
                       We would love to have you be a part !! 
PS - Please specify the area of which you would like to volunter your service.

Here at Gordon Pictures we believe in the awesome power of prayer and that with God all things are possible. Therefore as we continue on this mission of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through quality film productions, Gordon Pictures humbly request your financial or prayer partnership with our movie ministry. We need as many prayer partners as possible who have a strong desire to see the truth in quality Christian film productions.


1). PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER. We will need as much prayer, love, and support. This is an ongoing mission for
    Gordon Pictures to be able to impact lives worldwide, we will need true support. 
2). By donating towards Gordon Pictures Christian Movie Production Ministry, every penny counts, and will be
       used wisely towards the film. There different expences for Gordon Pictures and your help will be a true
3). If you in any way think you can help on set from Pre- Production, Production, & Post-Production, etc. We ask
     that you will please send your information, and how you are willing to help.


3 Ways to Help