GP  Conference / Meeting March 8th, 2016


Gordon Pictures Christian Movie Production Ministry is please to anounce our annual Conference and Film meeting coming up on March 8th, 2016 in the beautiful city of san Antonio, Texas.


As everyone is welcomed to attend this film meeting/Conference, and as we will be having food served, we kindly ask that those desiring to join the confeence would please RSVP your seat.  


We are pleased to anounce our special Internationl gues, Vannesa Fernandez, from the Phillipiens, whom will be attending our film conference/meeting.




                        To be anounced by e-mail to

                         each person who reserves a seat.

                                       March 8th, 2016



        GP Conference/ Film Meeting 

                 San Antonio, Texas


                   International Guest

                    LaV'endah Awuor

                      - Kisumu, Kenya-